Personalizzazione e ricerca tecnologica su misura – Settembre 2018


We place ourselves as technical partner of lighting companies, having successfully completed the transition of the Bibetech group from developer and producer of methacrylate optical parts to the complete finished product with the integration of the light source and electronics.

Design and technological research: Idealed stands out for its ability to overcome the most complex lighting engineering challenges.

Idealed take cares of the research and development in the field of lighting, in order to design the optics for its own and for third parties. It designs and implements solutions in the field of Internet of Things (IOT), suitable for smart technology environments (smart city, smart building, etc.):

  • Design, in-house production and distribution of high-tech lighting products
  • Design of integrated solutions (projectors, light sources, displays, etc.)
  • With the role of technical partner it designs and manufactures high added value optical lenses for non-standard solutions