Building Division Idealed

It deals with the design and supply of large lighting solutions in the retail sector, office, industrial and hospitality. It does this both with Idealed brand products and with products from technical partners.



Teatro Olimpico Vicenza

Partner of one of the major world companies in the field of lighting works of art and historic buildings, it deals with the design and supply of lighting solutions in the field of art and architecture using Idealed brand products.



Solutions Division Idealed

It deals with research and development in the field of lighting, designs optics for its own and for third parties. It realizes solutions in the field of Internet of things (IOT).



Idealed is the research and innovation division in the lighting field of the Bibetech Industrial Group, active in the world of polymer molding since 1978.

Bibetech with its lighting division has been producing and marketing LED lighting solutions for over ten years. During this period LED technology has undergone several changes and today allows for a high quality, safe light with reduced costs.

Idealed with its LED luminaires allows its customers to save 50% on their electricity bill!

The Bibetech Group, thanks to the know-how of Idealed, has begun to engineer and print the first optical systems for lighting in plastic. Thus the first LED dichroic lamps made of thermoplastic material under the Idealed brand began to be produced.

The lighting division offers complete assistance to meet every need:

Tailor-made services, a professional team for a preliminary evaluation of YOUR current installation.
Leasing & Rental, all the advantages of the LED light at no cost!

Idealed specializes in TIR collimators, optics, zoom optical systems and special ones for color-mixing and dynamic white LEDs.

Our designers guarantee continuous customer assistance during the design and physical realization of the prototype to arrive at the optimal finished product. Our R&D center uses the best software including SolidWorks, Zemax, TracePro, PTC Creo (Pro / E.)

From the first high-efficiency methacrylate and polycarbonate optics, Idealed expresses its best in the philosophy of solution providers for the integration of sources, electronics and the development of customized optics. We start from the IDEA of the customer and take care of the design and production:

  • Optics
  • Mechanics
  • Electronics
  • Heat

From the works of art of Van Gogh to the building lighting design, from the Olympic Theater to the most refined boutiques: the high-tech LED lamps by Idealed find applications in all situations where lighting plays a fundamental role!