From Van Gogh’s works of art to industrial plants, from the arches of the Teatro Olimpico to the most refined boutiques: the high-tech LED lamps from Idealed find applications in all contexts in which lighting plays a fundamental role.

Born from the experience of Bibetech, Idealed provides a complete range of LED solutions for art, industry, retail, united by an incessant search for the perfect combination of performance and technology.​​​​​​

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This is the illumination of some of the highest artistic and architectural works ever made.

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Thanks to its unique characteristics, VINCENT the LED framing kit spotlight realized by IDEALED was selected for lighting van Gogh artworks in the Basilica Palladiana and the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. See it in action:
Faretto a LED Vincent per impieghi museali

Vincent the spotlight for museum use, designed and made by IDEALED

LED sources have virtually no emissions (or however negligible ones) both in the ultraviolet spectrum, and in the infrared spectrum. Therefore they completely avoid the risk of damaging the pigments and the materials of the artworks exposed to light.

However, the LED lamps for museum use now on the market have not been able to exploit all the potentiality of LED technology.

Starting from this recognition, IDEALED has taken a long road of innovation and development in cooperation with Sklaer, a German company with many years of experience lighting works of art. The latter has the merit of lighting the Mona Lisa and the Nike of Samothrace at the Louvre in Paris.

The result of this road is “Vincent” the high performance framing kit spotlight for museum use, so called as a tribute to the great Dutch painter van Gogh. Vincent makes its debut on occasion of the extraordinary temporary exhibition of Vincent van Gogh "Between Wheat and Sky" set up in Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza.

The Vincent spotlight is a unique product of its kind: in addition to all the features typical for a high end spotlight, Vincent makes it possible to vary in a completely independent way both the intensity and the colour temperature of the emitted light, all this preserving a very high quality level of the light emission.


  • The intensity of the light projected by Vincent may vary from 1% to 100% and is flicker-free at all intensity levels;
  • The colour temperature of the light projected by Vincent is variable in a very wide range, all this with a very high chromatic rate index (CRI): CRI 90 from 2700° K – 5000° K and even CRI 94 from 2800° Kelvin to 4500° Kelvin.

In other words, when using Vincent it is possible to select with great accuracy both the colour temperature (from “cold” light to “warm” light), and the light intensity (from “feeble” light to “intense” light) according to the most suitable needs required by each single artwork.

Vincent: the first spotlight for museum use with independent variation of intensity and colour temperatur of the light.

If you are an architect, probably you already know the various advantages of the LED lighting systems.

It is a technology that is gradually replacing the systems based on traditional light sources, both thanks to the quality of the generated light, and their characteristics of safety, reliability and energy efficiency.

Il faretto per impieghi museali Vincent, progettato e realizzato da Bibetech

Vincent, the spotlight for museum use, permits to vary independently both the intensity, and the colour temperature of the emitted light.

These technical characteristics make Vincent the final solution for lighting artworks with very different appearance, size and position among them, such as for example a painting or a sculpture, or an historic building.

Thanks to its capability of modifying the chromatic range, colour temperature, light intensity and geometry of lighting beam, Vincent permits an unprecedented flexibility of use without compromise in terms of quality and reliability.

Moreover, Vincent is equipped with an optics system of first level, that generates a perfect chromatic and light homogeneousness regardless the lighted subject.

All this without any compromise in terms of flexibility: in fact Vincent may be equipped with projection optics both with fixed lens, and variable lens (zoom), so as to satisfy every lighting technique need in different architectural contexts.

Speaking of flexibility, Vincent may be programmed individually both locally and remotely: in this way it is possible to plan and calibrate perfectly the lighting of every artwork.

Lastly, the minimal design and its compact dimensions permit to exploit the great technical potentiality of Vincent in a discreet manner, so as not to distract the attention of visitors from the lighted artworks.


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Lighting an ancient painting is an extremely complex question.

First of all it is necessary to bring out the chromatic characteristics of a work of art conceived and realized in an historical moment when electric light did not exist.

The brushstrokes of the different layers, the material of the canvas, even the making of colours and paint brushes were part of a manual process, unique and painstaking, that characterized the production of each artist.

Next to the need of accentuate the subtlest chromatic hues, there is the need to enhance the three-dimensional texture of the artwork, that emanates from the totality of the brush strokes of the artist.

If then the painting to be lighted is a work by a giant like Vincent van Gogh, to provide it with the best possible lighting is not only legitimate, it is a real moral duty both towards the public and the history of Art itself.

Secondly, besides the management of chromatic fidelity, in lighting an historical artwork it is essential to consider the absolute necessity to preserve the integrity of a unique piece having a huge value, if not priceless.

For these reasons, a normal spotlight – although of excellent quality – is not enough.

With this awareness Bibetech realized Vincent, the first high performance spotlight for museum use with independent variation of intensity and colour temperature of the emitted light.

Esposizione della Gioconda al museo Louvre di Parigi

The Mona Lisa of Leonardo exhibited at the Louvre in Paris. The original lighting of this masterpiece has been supervised by Sklaer, the technical partner of IDEALED which contributed to the development of Vincent, the high performance museum spotlight.


The temporary exhibit "Between Wheat and Sky", curated by "Linea d’ombra" of Marco Goldin, presents an exceptionally high number of works by Vincent van Gogh, thanks to the contribution of the Kröller-Müller Museum in the Netherlands.

In the words of the curator Goldin, the exhibition "precisely reconstructs the entire biographical story, initially placing the accent on the decisive Dutch years that, from autumn 1880 in the mines of Borinage, actually in Belgium, through to autumn 1885 at the end of the fundamental Nuenen period, are a kind of inflamed and continually protracted stigmata."

Additional information on the exhibition is available at this address:

All the exhibited works (43 paintings and 86 drawings) are lighted by Vincent, the high performance museum spotlight, designed realized and distributed by IDEALED.

Due zappatori, opera d'arte di Vincent van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh, Two Peasants Digging (after Millet), 1889
painting, oil on canvas, cm 74 x 93
Amsterdam, Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art


Teatro Olimpico Odeo illuminazione Bibetech Idealed

Teatro Olimpico - Salone Odeo, Vicenza

The Teatro Olimpico is one of the artistic wonders of Vicenza, UNESCO world heritage. This is the maximum expression of the work of Andrea Palladio, who was inspired by the Roman theaters described by Vitruvio to create it.

The historical importance, the architectural constraints and the functional complexity of the Olimpico represent an almost prohibitive challenge in terms of lighting technology; in this context, the choice of the technical partner by the Municipality of Vicenza fell on Idealed.

In particular, Idealed has created the new lighting system for the rooms of the Teatro Olimpico. The lighting project met the various functional needs of the Theater, including architectural lighting, the light design of conferences and shows and - not least - the Storytelling curated by the Scuola Holden by Alessandro Baricco (

For the lighting of the different spaces of the Theater, superior quality Idealed products have been used, including Spot spotlights with interchangeable lenses - some of which built specifically for the Olimpico, of the Ready2Mains power supplies and the Vincent spotlight.

Discover the Teatro Olimpico